Cand.mag Danish Language and Computer Science

I am Chief Executive Advisor at the University of Southern Denmark. 

My field of expertise is research strategy, research planning and research funding in a European context.

I have been building up four very successful research support units.

My focus is on the balance between the research level, strategic policy level and the administrative level. In this capacity I have advised the Rectors of University of Southern Denmark, the Danish Technical University, the University of Copenhagen and the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University.

I am an expert on the EU framework programs and his specialty is long-term research planning, hereunder the participation in Horizon 2020 and the preparation for the forthcoming EU Framework Program. In this capacity a strong European and global network of colleagues and business partners is built up.

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Cand. mag.

Senior Executive Officer University of Southern Denmark


I have working with the merger of academics in the Danish Universities and Research Organisations  merger-process in 2006-2007, where I facilitated the merger between University of Copenhagen, the Danish Veterinary and Agricultural University and the Pharmaceutical University of Denmark. I was involved in the cross faculty follow-up of the merger from 2007-2009.

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Research Information Systems

I have over the years built up knowledge on research information systems and from 2003-2005, he headed the establishment of the University of Copenhagen’s research information system CURIS (PURE). CURIS became the corner-stone for  the development of PURE, and has now become a part of Elsevier.

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Global professional development

Research has become a global endeavour. What are the changes in research globally and what are the consequeces for the professional research administrator.

Leadership in Research

Becoming a leader in research demands strategy and skills. How to build the perfect research support office and how to fail.

Admin 2.0

World leading research demands world leading administration. How to match the current developments in research with adequate measures.


I was the founding father of the COST Targeted Network and since 2013 Chair of BESTPRAC. The Targeted Network, has more than 800 participants from 40 countries. BESTPRAC is a COST initiative aiming to advance the state of the art in excellent administration of transnational research projects.

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EARMA is a career long engagement. I was an active member from my first position and was hosting the 2009 Annual Conference of European Association of Research Managers and Administrators in Copenhagen. I was elected Chairman for EARMA 2010-2013, where I was responsible for running three very and increasingly successful Annual Meetings. I am currently an active EARMA  member, with a core interest in the training and recognition of the profession.

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Expertice TOPICS

Below find a selection of presentations I have held. Contact me for more information.